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Helpful Tips For YOUR HOME

Whether you are a new homeowner in Abiglen, Bryan Mill, Ivey Chase, Mulberry Mills, Sierra Creek, Stone Haven or on a private parcel home site in Gwinnett County, Labb Homes LLC, recommends that you fill out your registration and warranty cards as soon as possible and send them to the manufacturer to protect yourself in the event the appliance or whatever, fails to perform as you expected it. Here’s a simple set of guidelines to follow:

  1. Before you mail in any guaranty or warranty registration cards, make a copy for your records
  2. Mail the registration cards directly to the manufacturer as soon as possible. Some manufacturers may also want you to register on line.
  3. Visit the manufacturers’ websites or call them directly to find out the best maintenance tips for your particular appliances and equipment models.
  4. Keep your operator manuals in one convenient place so you can find them when you need them

Thank You for your purchase of a home build by LABB Homes, LLC.