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Brad and Melissa Ruark

Posted: Oct 07, 2018

When we were searching for a new home, we were being very picky.  We wanted a house that we would be comfortable in for years to come, and if we were going to buy something, we were going to make sure it was perfect for us.  We went through many different houses during our search, some new…some old.  It wasn’t until we walked through an almost-finished house by Labb Homes that we knew we found “the one”.  Not only did it meet all the items on our checklist, but the quality was outstanding and it was also reasonably priced.  We fell in love with the layout of the house, and the design was perfect from the backsplash and granite in the huge kitchen to the stone flooring in the master shower.  Even though we found the house only a few weeks from completion, Labb Homes worked with us to put the finishing touches on it to make it “ours”.  We also had the pleasure of working with them to add some additional items after closing, where we got to see the attention they pay to details as they build and the extra effort they go through to make everything perfect.  These guys are a class act, and we’d do it all over again in a minute.