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Ben and Emily Rutgers

I recently took a job transfer to the Atlanta area.   My family and I looked at many houses around the metro Atlanta area and found a small little city called Dacula!  We fell in love with the area and began looking at houses in the area.   With the current depressed market situation the Atlanta area finds itself in, we figured on a great deal on a short sale or foreclosure.   After a couple months of looking we were drawn to the Ivey Chase Subdivision based on location and the fact that new house construction was going on.  This search led us to Labb Holdings and the beginning interaction with Tim and Lynda Butler as well as members of their team.   My wife and I began looking at a house that was midway through completion.  When I walked into the house I was amazed by how big it was.  The layout was very spacious and just “felt” good.  I was very excited to talk to my wife about this house and we had some questions about the construction and options in the house.   Our realtor got a hold of Tim and he met us out at the house.   He was very friendly and walked us through the house to help us visualize what the house would look like upon completion.   During this time, I was living in the Atlanta area and my wife was tying up loose strings in Michigan.   This caused some challenges because she was not here for many conversations.   Tim and Lynda did a fantastic job of emailing us and keeping us informed of what was going on with the house and answering all our questions in a very timely manner.   Because we were “sold” on the house, we asked Tim if there were several things we could change about the house.   For instance, we wanted more of an open feel for the bonus room so we asked him if they could put a railing with pickets in that room versus full walls, which the studs were already in place for.   Tim’s response was “sure, we can do that”.  Tim was very willing to work with us on these minor changes we requested.   Some of the changes cost us some money but there were other things that Tim and his crew just changed for us at no cost.   The interaction and constant communication made this process very easy for my wife and me even though we were hundreds of miles away from each other.   Emily and I felt that Tim and Lynda went out of their way to make sure we got what we wanted.   They were very understanding and took time to ensure we were happy customers.   We recommend working with Tim and Lynda and supporting Labb Holdings.   Our experience has been great and Tim and Lynda continue to be very responsive even two months after closing on our house.

It has been a pleasure working with them and we feel like Tim and Lynda helped our house become “our home”!!!

Thank you!