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Mike and Jennifer Smith

Posted: Jan 29, 2019

Jennifer and I wanted to take a minute to express our profound gratitude for your efforts to build our new home.  You undertook a seemingly large stressful project for us, and turned it in to a step by step “how to” and “job well done” finished home.  In particular, we wanted to mention the things that were significant to us, in hopes that your future clients will enjoy the same benefits that we did:

  • The early discussions and questions from you really helped us narrow down the things we wanted versus the things that we needed. Your estimates of costs related to those items gave us a clear understanding of preliminary budgeting matters.
  • Even though we had custom architectural plans, we recognized that there would be changes along the way. We appreciated your willingness to “roll with it” as we made modifications “on the fly” as the project moved forward.
  • Having a project manager on site every day may be the single best service that LABB afforded us. Boris, your diligence in keeping contractors and providers scheduled kept us on track time wise, and your oversight of that work really pinpointed a Grade A result. Of equal significance, thanks for “holding our hand” through the parts that we did not understand and for explaining the construction processes when we asked what must have been a million questions.
  • By the end of the project, we could see that the road map you gave us in the beginning was followed, and that we arrived at the destination just as you promised. In many service and contract related projects, it is sometimes hard to explain to the customer how to get to the finish line, and for the customer to understand the finish line, without having traveled the journey – that is an issue we deal with frequently in the law business.  Though we struggled our way at certain points to understand things in our minds, you delivered us at the finish line just at you described in our early meetings, and the result was that we got exactly the home that we had imagined and hoped.

We are intending to live in the home that you have built for us for many years to come.  If the day comes when we decide to build another home, LABB will be our first call.